Featured Cruises

We have assembled some of the best bike routes around the local Granby Area to help you decide where to go and what to see!  Below are some samples of what we recommend!


Kaibab Park to Grand Elk

Cruise just down the hill from town, cross the railroad tracks, and into Kaibab Park. Explore the shores of the Fraser River and the fishing pond int he park, then cross over the bridge on the bike path and head south. When you reach 10 Mile Drive, take a left, and follow this neighborhood street into the scenic Grand Elk Golf Course with 360 degree views! If you are feeling ambitious you can follow these roads all the way back to County Road 56 and up into the ranch land!


Riverside Cruise

Head west out of town on Railroad Avenue, then take a left on County Road 57 or Murphy Road. This will take you strolling along pastoral scenes overlooking the Fraser River, which you can follow all the way to the confluence with the Colorado River. The whole way overlooks the town of Granby with a backdrop of Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks. Follow this road all the way to Windy Gap Reservoir if your are enjoying the scenery!


Ranch Road

Cruise down through Kaibab Park, and follow the bike path south out of town crossing over Muller Creek until you reach N Ranch Road. Take a left across Highway 40, and follow this dirt road back along the open meadow on rolling hills until you reach the Fraser River, which you can follow all the way back up into Granby Ranch!